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Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals - Certified Digital Marketing Specialist Program by Janette Toral

Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals

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Digital Influencer Boot Camp site visitors can learn from this FREE online boot camp marketing techniques that sales professionals can use for promoting offers, lead generation, and customer relationship management. Designed for folks in the insurance, direct marketing, retail, real estate, tourism, hospitality, consulting, and anyone into product or service selling.

Target audience:

  • Aspiring and current sales professionals who would like to maximize the use of the Internet as a means to promoting offerings, generate leads, and communicate with customers and / or prospects.
  • Aspiring and current digital marketing professionals wanting to serve sales-driven departments as a client.


Lesson 1: Identifying your target market and their needs.

  • Listen to what your audience is saying.
  • Reach out to new audiences
  • Creating a customer persona and empathy map

Lesson 2: Setting up a customer relationship management system

  • Choosing a CRM solution that suits your needs.
  • Integrating CRM tools on your email system and social media.
  • Identifying important contacts.
  • Setting up deals and tracking them.
  • Keeping in touch with prospects and customers.

Lesson 3: Building Trust by providing information, advice, expertise.

  • Creating lead generation offers and call to action aligned to target market needs
  • Creating content WORTH SHARING and that builds relationship.
  • Developing your writing and storytelling style.

Lesson 4: Creating a blog and website to engage your prospects and customers

  • Choosing website and blog theme.
  • Installing theme and get your website up.
  • Adding sharing and security plug-ins
  • Adding live chat and email subscription plug-ins.
  • Posting content.

Lesson 5: Live Chat prospects and customers

  • Configuring your live chat persona.
  • Auto-messages to send out.
  • Handling offline and missed chat opportunities
  • Continuing the conversation in your customer relationship management system.

Lesson 6: Developing campaign images

  • Font, photo, placement basics.
  • Using to create social media and email campaign images.
  • Getting free stock photos for campaigns.

Lesson 7: Email follow-up

  • Configuring your e-mail marketing account.
  • Creating auto-responder messages for prospects filling out the form on your property pitching pages.
  • Managing opened / clicked messages and creating follow through opportunities.
  • Handling unopened  messages and increasing open-rate opportunities.

Lesson 8: Getting the word out through social media

  • Using conversion pixel, audience management, and Facebook advertising for targeted marketing.
  • Advertising keywords, text, and call to action to gauge response.

Lesson 9: Performance measurement

  • Review your online performance focusing on metrics that matter.
  • Establish baseline and set improvement targets.

Lesson 10: Improving your search engine visibility

  • Review your search engine visibility and of your counterparts.
  • Find out what people are looking for online.
  • Identify areas and keywords where you want to improve your visibility.
  • Action steps to take to boost search engine visibility.

Lesson 11: Working with Bloggers and Virtual Assistants

  • Tapping bloggers to help generate follow through content and for credibility boosting.
  • Tapping bloggers as lead generators for projects.
  • Using virtual assistants to propagate your content on targeted social media, forums, and groups.

Lesson 12: Mobile Warrior

  • Manage your digital presence, website, prospect / customer interaction from your mobile device.
  • Power tools. Applications to use to make the real estate service professional mobile efficient.

For inquiries about this boot camp, contact Janette Toral at her Facebook page or through mobile at 0917-4490011.

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